6 Social Media Hacks to Get More Audience on Your Posts in 2024

As soon as this irresistible title hits your screen, you might have read this post to find out the social media hacks to increase the audience on your post. You have landed on the right post, and here we will discuss the hacks that can make more social media posts more target oriented and engaging for your audience.

But before we dive right into the hacks, here are pointers on the ROI, importance, and case studies on social media marketing that will ensure that you are on the right boat for marketing your brand. Let’s start with a fundamental question.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, creates social media content and posts related to your brand and niche to reach your target audience through social media handles and increase brand awareness.

Why is social media important for your brand?

Statistically speaking, social media is a high-potential marketing space for your business.

Roughly 4.74 Billion(Almost half of the world population!) use one or the other social media platforms. Over 93 percent of internet users are connected to social media. With such a massive audience at stake, it is in businesses’ profit to scale up their social media strategies suitable to their target audience.

Social media has evolved into diverse social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), paving the way to vibrant online communities. Each business can look for one or more social media platforms apt for its niche and engage the target audience through social media content.

Benefits of social media marketing

You might still be on the fence about choosing social media as one of your marketing platforms, or you might have already decided to step into social media marketing. Or you might be using social media for marketing without fully exploiting its potential. Whatever phase you might be, here are some benefits you can earn by actively marketing your brand across social media platforms

1. Raise your brand awareness by showing your social presence

Social media platforms provide space to market your brand creatively. While every marketing strategy is intended to raise brand awareness, social media marketing does it uniquely. It increases brand awareness through visual, customized, and specific content that is most effective for reaching your target audience.

As spaces are usually places that people look at and commute around (public areas, billboards, public transport). But most people look at their mobiles for a considerable amount of time in a day. Such attention to mobiles and social media can be leveraged by businesses to market their products and raise brand awareness through social media marketing.

2. Improve SEO rankings

A primary strategy for increasing SEO rankings for websites is through backlinks. Backlinks of a site help in improving click-through rates and drive site traffic. Social media provides a functional space to post backlinks for your site.

Social media content can make your site backlinks more attractive and clickable for your target audience. An attractive backlink is an excellent way to direct the target audience to your site. You can connect with social media posts, surveys, campaigns, etc., to drive their click-through rates.

3. Draw more audience to your site through social media.

While link-building through social media is a great strategy to attract a target audience, there is more to that. Social media profiles act as great audio-visual trailers to attract your niche audience. Once audiences are attracted to the trailer, drawing them to your official website becomes more accessible.

Digital marketing strategies depend on the trust businesses can build in their
customers. The social media presence of a brand plays a positive role in building trust with customers. Social media provides a personalized and humane way to reach your target audience.

4. Alternate channel to market your brand

For example, a website is the only online presence of your business. You can create pages, product descriptions, and user blogs and include a CTA to subscribe to your newsletter. For metrics, you can consider website traffic and blog activity.

Scenario 2: In this, you have both an official website and social media profile for your business. Instead of lengthy how-to blogs, you can post quick how-to videos. You can post visual content and provide engaging live streams for your target audience.

You can create an online community for your brand with creative content sharing and wise posting. Moreover, your brand’s social media account and website can complement each other in driving both social media traffic and website traffic for your brand.

Doesn’t the second scenario seem like a better marketing strategy for your brand?

5. Increase conversion rates and revenue.

All marketing strategies narrow down to selling a product or a service. What if social media can be an effective tool in raising conversion rates and completing the sales funnel for your brand?

Yes, it’s true. Recent studies on social media traffic have shown that 67 percent of people have bought a product or service after watching it on social media. In an internet-driven world, social media is becoming an unbeatable tool to validate a product /service, check its reviews, and try its suitability. Your brand’s social media presence can act as a platform to enhance its credibility, showcase its features and place its reviews.

6. Serve your customers better.

What if social media is not only for brand marketing but can also be used for customer support? That’s great. Business marketing strategies focus not only on attracting new customers but also on retaining the loyal customer base. Retaining a loyal customer base in the dynamic business world is challenging, but social media can make it easier. Creative social media strategy, thriving online community, and personalized customer support through live streams, DMs, How to do videos, campaigns, and giveaways can help entertain and retain your loyal customer base.

7. Measure marketing outcomes

Social media marketing can be a great option if you are looking for a robust marketing strategy to indicate your real-time conversion rates. With social media metrics, every activity about your brand can be traced, quantified, and analyzed. Clear metrics not only validate your marketing strategy, but they can also provide cues on where your efforts are insufficient or unproductive. Once you know the defects, altering the strategy and plugging holes in the marketing campaign is more manageable.

8. Cost-effective Strategy

What if social media marketing is cheaper and more effective than outbound marketing, billboards, and television ads for your business? The costs are minimal, from setting up social media accounts to tracking traffic metrics. It is true if you develop organic traffic and a genuine following towards your brand. Organic traffic refers to real followers and traffic flowing to the site without paid click rates, paid promotions, etc.

While building organic traffic costs little, it takes accurate content: engaging posts, and long time efforts to build a viewership.

9. Get to know your competition.

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Social media is the most accessible platform to observe and learn from competitors. With little effort, you can discover what competitors from your niche are doing with their social media handles. Doing this lets you get new ideas, realize their mistakes and even develop new ideas to make your brand unique.

Six social media hacks to get more audience on your posts

While we won’t stop bombarding the benefits of social media marketing, here is a list of real-time hacks you can use to engage more audiences on your social media posts.

1. Tracking metrics

The power of social media lies not in relentless posting but in tracking real-time reach, engagement, and sentiment toward your posts. Every view, each profile visit, and every like to a post can be measured through social media metrics. Look at some handy social media metrics and what they can tell you.

Reach – Quantifies the number of people who have seen any posts related to your brand.

  • Impressions – It shows the number of times people have seen your posts or profile page and whether they have clicked on it.
  • Engagement – It counts clicks, likes, shares, comments, and saves associated with your social media posts
  • Organic and paid likes – Once you sort organic and paid likes received on your content, it is easier to decide the next course of action in marketing it.
  • Sentiment – This is a metric to see how people react to your content, brand, posts, hashtags, and campaigns. Measuring sentiment towards your brand can help you develop more profound insights into marketing it better.
  • Followers – It refers to the number of people following your social media account and seeing your posts in their regular feed.
  • Video views – It counts the video views to videos posted across Instagram, Facebook, and youtube and video postable handles.
  • Tags – It counts the number of times the audience uses your company’s name or hashtags in their posts and reposts.
  • Mentions – It counts the number of times your profile has been mentioned in audience posts.

Track these metrics, find out what people say about your brand, and let it steer you to the following action in optimizing your social media content.

2. Hashtags

Creating and using hashtags on your post is the shortest and easiest way to increase the reach of your post. It works two ways: you can either look for hashtags that are most associated with your post or look for the most trending hashtags related to your niche and add them to your posts.

Coupling your posts with the right hashtags makes landing in your target audience’s feed easier and more genuine. If you are on the side of creating hashtags for your brand, then the right hashtags will let your followers be featured when searching for niche-related hashtags. Moreover, hashtag performance is a measurable metric that can keep your marketing on the right track.

3. Influencers

Social media is not about celebrities and followers but about influencers and their audiences. As the name suggests, ‘influencers’ are social media celebrities who influence their audience’s decisions. Though influencer marketing is part of the paid promotion of your brand, it is a return-worthy way of reaching your target audience. Reaching out and promoting your brand with niche-related influencers can help boost your brand awareness, credibility, and conversion rates.

4. Engaging content

A significant investment in social media marketing is creating quality and engaging content for your brand. Though paid clicks and promotions can increase your brand awareness, content still plays a pivotal role in converting leads into customers. Social media is born out of people’s tendency to know and share information with others. The social media content you post should be worth likes and shares by your target audience. With engaging content building, organic customer engagement is simple.

  • Host live videos, create contests, backlink your site, post offers, host social media campaigns, sell your products or services online through social profiles, and see you have much more options to create engaging content rather than bland posts.
  • Then comes the problem of quality versus quantity of content. Creating social media content means something other than bombarding your audience with ten daily posts, DMs, and videos. If you post only two or three times a week, the content should pass the quality standards, not quantity.
  • An effective marketing strategy requires that you know your target audience well. As the first step towards it, you must create an ideal buyer persona for your brand. This persona should include the traits of your perfect customer. Once you have a clear buyer persona, it is easier to calculate Customer Acquisition Costs(CAC) and understand your customers’ pain points.
  • Doing this can answer the most critical question: What type of content would be most engaging for your audience? The answer is the content that is most appealing to your buyer persona and the one that addresses your customers’ pain points. By following this, you are on the path to providing the content your target audience craves the most.
  • Another step for creating engaging content is by following a social media calendar. This calendar can give a schedule for posting content and hosting campaigns for your handle. Deciding on a social media schedule can help prepare content in advance and provide regular updates to your target audience.

5. Platform-specific content

Social media is a vibrant social networking community with niche-specific platforms for every audience type. Instead of jumping into all social media platforms and exhausting your content and resources, streamline your marketing efforts to the venue where your ideal customers will most likely visit and see your content. Let’s ease your efforts in finding a suitable social media platform for your brand with valuable insights on each social media platform.

  • Facebook

With 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most effective marketing platform if you are looking for a B2C customer base. Facebook has an even number of Generation X and millennial users and is an excellent platform for advertising your business.

  • Instagram

Instagram can be your go-to marketing tool if your customer base is millennials and B2C. Space for visual content, marketing analytic tools, in-app purchase options, and more than a Billion monthly active users makes Instagram a hard-to-ignore platform for social media marketing. If you think of influencer marketing, Instagram can be a great base.

  • YouTube

YouTube is the ultimate social media platform if you opt for long-form content videos, customer video guides, and entertaining content for your channel. With 325 million daily active users, YouTube has viewers across ages and demographics. Plus, it is compatible with both B2B and B2C marketing.

  • LinkedIn

You will likely find it on LinkedIn if you are a B2B business looking for a professional online community interested in your niche. It is a professional networking site with 774 plus a million active users and is most suitable for B2B businesses looking to build organic customer engagement in a professional background.

  • Snapchat

If you are looking for a GenZ audience and B2C customer base, then Snapchat, with its 306 million daily users, can be your ideal social media platform. Snapchat is perfect for raising brand awareness and B2C advertising among youngsters and millennials.

  • Pinterest

If you want to build your social presence through visual content, then Pinterest is a great option. With millennials, Gen X, Gen Z, and even baby boomers thronging the site as 444 million monthly users, you have a ready B2C customer base to inspire your audience visually.

  • Tiktok

TikTok is an undeniable platform for building a B2B and B2C online community and brand awareness through short videos.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that creates impact with words and 140-character tweets and has space to build online communities, expand public relations and provide customer support. Twitter has expanded to include much more than tweets: Twitter Spaces(audio tool), Twitter Moments(content sharing platform), and Twitter Communities(Community building Tool).

6. Weaving words wisely

Social media content is engaging when kept short, sharp, target oriented, and attractive. While writing for social media, choose your words wisely. Keep them short but engaging and relevant to your target audience. For Instagram, you can select wise captions. For Facebook, you can go with apt descriptions. For Twitter, you can tweet about the relevant happenings in your niche.

One trick behind keeping your social media relevant is catching on to trends in your niche early. Look for popular spaces on Twitter and other platforms that have the potential to transform into trends. Follow such areas early to draw organic traffic to your social media handle.

Consider commenting, tweeting, and sharing content on your social media handle about happenings you care about. It can show your audience your concerns and help develop a loyal customer base.

You can build Organic customer engagement and a loyal customer base through online communities for your brand. Here you can hold discussions, address pain points, host polls and social media campaigns, and garner reviews for your brand.

To conclude,

We can’t stop listing the hacks through which you can popularize your social media handle. Content ideators are the best social media marketing assistance platform you can find to build your brand’s social following. Visit its pioneers for more content and expert help on social media marketing.

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